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Unlock your potential with expert guidance from L. Paul Strait, Ph.D., an esteemed Associate Professor and Director of Forensics.

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Explore our range of professional communication services tailored to enhance your skills and knowledge.


Media Consultation

Personalized communication coaching for individuals seeking to improve their public speaking and presentation capabilities.


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Workshop and seminar sessions designed to equip groups with effective communication strategies for various scenarios.


Research Collaboration

Consultation services for organizations looking to refine their media communication and crisis management strategies.

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About L. Paul Strait, Ph.D.

L. Paul Strait, Ph.D., is a distinguished Associate Professor shaping the future of media and communication at the University of Southern Mississippi.

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Discover what sets us apart and how we can help you achieve your communication goals.

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Benefit from the mentorship of a seasoned professional in media and communication to refine your skills and enhance your knowledge.

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Receive customized communication strategies and solutions that address your specific needs and objectives effectively.

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